Drug Rehab in Allentown, PA

It is hard to identify at what point you lost control and realized you are dealing with addiction, but how long it takes you to come to terms with this is not what’s important. What is important is that you want to do something about your substance abuse problem. At BH Recovery drug rehab center, we have helped others who have found themselves in an uncontrollable cycle of substance abuse and have made the decision to do something about it.

Making the choice to find help at our Allentown, Pennsylvania substance abuse treatment facility for your problem is the first step on the road to recovery. If you have never tried to get help from an addiction recovery center, this is your chance. Our Allentown, Pennsylvania addiction recovery center has a proven addiction treatment program to offer you.

BH Recovery employs a staff of professionals with experience in helping people recovery from substance abuse. The process starts with detoxification from drugs or alcohol. Our Allentown, Pennsylvania drug detox clinic has an excellent history of successful results in addiction treatment facility. It is important for you to have a safe environment where there are others who are going through the detoxification process and can relate to you. It is not an easy experience because the mind and body have become accustomed to having the drugs in your system, so it can be very uncomfortable.

The journey to recovery is a process. Once you have completed the detox treatment here at BH Recovery, you are then ready to begin the next stage of your recovery treatment program. Everyone’s recovery is as unique as their thumb print, so each treatment plan is tailored to address and solve the underlying cause of your substance abuse problem. At our Allentown, Pennsylvania addiction treatment facility, the client makes the decisions on what goals to set and how the client will reach those goals. Our professional counselors help guide the client by exploring what the client’s history and suggesting solutions of how to achieve addiction recovery.

When a person is suffering from a co-occurring mental health disorder as well as the addiction, they deserve the benefit of dual diagnosis. In order to be successful in recovery, both the mental disorder and the addiction disorder will be addressed during your time in our addiction recovery program thanks to dual diagnosis.

Many clients come to BH Recovery with problems that have developed as a result of the addiction lifestyle. Our professional staff will help the client to identify these issues and assist in addressing them by referrals to outside sources. The goal of our staff is to help the client become complete and whole with a hope of a bright future.

One of the benefits of receiving services from BH Recovery is that other clients participate in the recovery process. The benefit of one client helping another client is productive for all parties involved. Group education and group therapy combined with individual counseling has produced successful graduates from our addiction recovery facility.

Once a client has reached the goals they have set forth, and have progressed in their recovery program, they are able graduate from our Allentown, Pennsylvania drug rehab facility and start working through the recovery program, sometimes known as aftercare.



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