Drug Rehab in Albuquerque, NM

When you are seeking an addiction recovery facility for yourself or a loved one, you may be overwhelmed by your options. You want a caring, professional staff, a safe environment and treatment protocols that offer the highest rate of success. At the BH Mental Health and our drug rehab center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we are dedicated to providing this kind of quality care to help our clients find their way back to a healthy and fulfilling life.

Drug detox is the first step in the recovery process. It can be unpleasant and even dangerous if poor procedures are followed or if an individual attempts to detox alone. Our drug detox clinic in Albuquerque provides a safe place with full supervision for this critical phase. Clients are guided through a process that allows their bodies to rid themselves of addictive substances and emerge with healthier bodies and clearer minds.

After detox, our addiction recovery program in Albuquerque addresses the unique treatment needs of each client. We talk to each person, determine his or her challenges and strengths, and design an individualized treatment plan to meet their needs. The most important tool in the treatment toolkit is therapy, and we provide both individual and group counseling.

Our Albuquerque addiction recovery center takes pride in the warm, collaborative atmosphere among our clients and therapists. Each client receives high-quality, professional counseling from our experienced staff that helps provide insights into the emotional and psychological foundations of the addiction. At the same time, the other clients offer the kind of support and encouragement that only a fellow traveler can provide. Addiction recovery is tough, and the way our clients look out for each other is inspiring and of incalculable value.

This accepting environment also makes it easier to have the kind of open, honest discussions that are so important to the recovery process. Addictive behaviors are often deeply rooted in the models of one’s youth, the influence of one’s friends, and one’s self-image. It can be uncomfortable, even distressing, to dig that deeply and face hard truths. Only when clients feel safe with their trusted therapy peers can they open up and discover the insights that will bring life-altering understanding.

Sometimes, during the course of therapy at our Albuquerque substance abuse treatment facility, counselors will uncover any mental health issues that go beyond the addiction. The client’s addiction may even be the result of trying to self-medicate the symptoms of the psychological disorder. Our professional staff is equipped to help the clients with a dual diagnosis. We treat the whole person, so there will not be lingering challenges that disrupt the client’s path to recovery.

At our Albuquerque addiction treatment facility, we understand that the end of the formal treatment program is not the end of our clients’ needs. We know that it is important to provide aftercare to support recovery when our clients return to their everyday lives. This phase of treatment is mapped out in each client’s individualized treatment plan, and we offer the level of support that our experience tells us will be most effective for each client.

BH Mental Health and our network of drug rehab centers offers quality, professional care throughout the country. If you need an addiction treatment center outside the area, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can help match your needs with one of our other locations. Finding the right drug rehab facility is crucial when you or someone you love is in crisis. At BH Mental Health, you will find the help you need. Safe, responsible drug detox, skilled, caring counselors, and a safe, supportive environment are our promise to you.



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