Drug Rehab in New Orleans, LA

When your life has gotten so off track, it's hard to see a light at the end of the very long tunnel. If you've been leaning on your drug or alcohol addiction, it can also seem scary to try something else. Change is scary for anyone, but this is a change that has no negative side effects. This change, the change to gain and maintain sobriety, is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It takes courage to decide a new path for your life, and the great news is this path is one you will not have to walk down alone. Addiction will always end badly, but when you choose to put your health first and fight for your recovery, a new beautiful version of your life will be there waiting. At BH Mental Health in New Orleans, Louisiana, we’re ready to get you the tools you need to reach your recovery goal.

Entering a drug detox clinic is the safest way to purge the toxins left behind by substance abuse from your system. We offer supervised detox so you can be safe and comfortable during this otherwise uncomfortable part of the process. Your safety is our biggest concern during addiction recovery, and we want you to be confident in the fact that you can do this. We take pride in the safety and cleanliness of our drug rehab centers. When you need to be focusing on your recovery, you should not have to worry about your safety and the care of your environment. Let us handle all of that while you work through your journey to recovery.

Our staff at our substance abuse treatment facility in New Orleans, Louisiana understands that this is a process that can be challenging, both emotionally and physically. This is why we surround you with a community of positive people who want you to succeed almost as much as you want yourself to succeed. When the day comes that makes you think you want to quit, these are the people who will encourage you to keep on going. With the extended support groups in our drug rehab facility, you will experience support like you've never had before. You will meet others who can understand your struggles. You will get to listen to their stories and experiences while learning to open up and share your own. It is important to be open and honest with yourself and your community. This will teach you to walk your journey without shame or feeling judgment. In an addiction recovery center, you will find relationships that can be stronger and bonded in fight of recovery.

Our addiction recovery facility is qualified to provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This means that those clients who are dealing with both addiction and a co-occurring mental illness like bipolar disorder or depression can get the specialized treatment they need. Since each condition is a separate issue, they will be treated with separate strategies. Doing this helps us really get to the root of your depression and give you tools to maintain your sobriety and manage the mental health issue instead of just putting a bandage over it.

While engaging in an addiction recovery program, we believe individualized treatment plans are the best way to guide you to success in your sobriety. We see you as an individual, and we recognize you are a unique person with your own struggles and singular experiences. In our addiction treatment center, we do not want anyone to ever fall through the cracks, so molding a specific treatment plan around your personality and struggles will allow you to be more successful.

An addiction treatment facility will not fix all of your problems, but it will give you the tools and skills to live your life with the ability to maintain your recovery. You can do this. You deserve to be happy and healthy. We want to be by your side the entire way, and we would love to take this journey with you. This can be the best gift you ever give yourself.



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