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Successful Addiction Treatment Facility in Aventura, Florida

Addiction is a very personal disease. That's why it takes a highly personalized addiction recovery program to successfully treat substance abuse problems. When you are looking for an addiction treatment facility in Aventura, Florida, you need to look for a drug rehab facility that offers the level of care that will not only help you to be successful now and achieve your goals long-term, but also tailors your program to best fit your individual needs. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Aventura has a high success rate with our proved recovery program that really works. Our professional staff is caring, private, and discreet. Their one and only goal is to remain completely focused on you and your determination to work your way back to a healthy lifestyle.

There are several steps to treating addiction, and our Aventura substance abuse treatment facility will address your issues every step of the way. At BH Mental Health, our program of successful addiction recovery starts with a supervised detox, which is closely monitored by our caring and professional staff. Detox is the process of purging your body of the addictive substances. This process can be painful and even dangerous. At our Aventura drug detox clinic, our competent staff is experienced in helping you through the detox process every step of the way.

The next stage of our addiction recovery program is therapy. At our addiction recovery center, we use a dual diagnosis mental health approach where we treat not only the physical addiction, but also the mental health issues that led to the abuse. Not only is our licensed staff dedicated to helping you to get healthy, but the entire community within our drug rehab centers provides an extended support system where our clients help each other. We understand that it is important to feel safe, and our addiction treatment facility staff is determined to make sure our clients are comfortable enough to speak honestly about their individual needs and issues.

The final step at our drug rehab centers is to provide the individualized aftercare for relapse prevention. We understand that our goal of providing addiction recovery services does not stop when you leave our addiction treatment center. That's why we provide different varieties of aftercare programs unique to your specific treatment plan. At our Aventura addiction recovery facility, we understand that the sole goal is not only to get you healthy now, but to also keep you healthy in the long-term. That's why BH Mental Health offers sober living homes, aftercare coordination, and relapse prevention programs.

Our addiction recovery center includes a state of the art program which provides concierge level services, amenities, and activities. In a safe and professional environment, our staff is focused on providing you with a unique program tailored to your individual needs. We offer men, women, and LGBTQ affirmative programs. Our drug rehab facility in Aventura offers both residential inpatient treatment or intensive outpatient treatment. Our programs are evidenced based, trauma informed, and centered on our clients. In line with our individualized approach to treatment, our addiction recovery facility offers short- or long-term programs.

The staff at our Aventura facility is experienced in working with many different insurance companies and trained to ensure you get the most benefits you can from your insurance policies. We also offer financial assistance in a private and discreet manner, so that you can keep your focus on getting healthy and not get distracted by worrying about your finances.

When you have reached the point where you are looking for an addiction treatment center in Aventura, come to us. Our modern facilities, caring and experienced staff, and proven substance treatment program will help you on your way to a healthy life, and keep you on track now and far into your future.



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