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Addiction Recovery- We Are Here to Help

Too many people do not understand why someone could or has become addicted to drugs. They believe that the person using the drugs just lacks the willpower or moral principles it takes to come clean. They think that if they really wanted to they could stop using for good. But in today’s reality, drug addiction is considered a serious disease that one cannot quit with willpower alone. That is where our addiction recovery program in Allentown, Pennsylvania comes in. With our help and your commitment, we can treat your problem like the condition it is and help you lead the most productive life possible through addiction recovery.

Drug Abuse Runs Rampant

According to the Center for Disease Control, the rate of opioid-analgesic deaths has almost quadrupled from 1.4 per every 100,000 persons to 5.4 per every 100,000 persons in the year 2011. This number represents medications that can not only be bought illegally off the street, but also legally prescribed by your trusted family physician. Alcohol is another substance that is abused that is not only legal, but considered completely acceptable and mainstream to consume on a regular basis. With so many other illegal drugs that can easily be found and bought from dealers on the street, it is no wonder so many people suffer from drug abuse.

Our drug detox clinic doesn’t just solve your drug problem. We push our clients to understand why they are drinking or abusing drugs and what they can do to stop the incredible pull they feel towards the drug of their choice. With staff on-call at all times and therapists who have had years worth of training with our addiction treatment facility, we can guarantee we will help you take that necessary step towards sobriety.

Unique Treatment Plans - How we Help

Once you become a client at our addiction treatment center, you’ll go through an intake process that will help us develop an appropriate plan of action regarding your treatment. We will want to know what types of drugs you have been using and for what duration. This will include anything from prescription drugs to herbal supplements to illegal drugs. We will speak with you about any family history of drug use, as research has found that addiction can be a genetic disorder passed down through families. We will ask about your personal life and triggers. We can then use this information to map out what we plan to do for you, from the proper detox for withdrawals in the beginning and all the way through to aftercare. We make sure that you are well-taken care of during your stay with us in our addiction recovery facility and that you have everything you will need.

Addiction Recovery - Your First Step to a Great Life

Our drug rehab centers offer a variety of support groups within the facility. We believe in dual diagnosis, which is treating any underlying mental disorder our clients may have that could contribute to their disease. We will examine these issues separately, as we know that it can be hard living with a mood disorder and that drug use may be related to the stresses these disorders cause. We also provide group therapy at our substance abuse treatment facility for every client. You’ll be given an opportunity to explore your thoughts, emotions, and concerns in a positive, supportive setting.

Our drug rehab facility also stresses the importance of continued aftercare when you graduate from the initial program. Your disease of addiction doesn’t stop when you leave our facility and we wish to make sure you have a place to fall back on when you need to. We offer additional therapy services and can point you in the right direction of other amenities that may be helpful during your time of need. Call our addiction recovery center today and begin your journey to a better life of sobriety.



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