Drug Rehab in Burbank, CA

Whether your family held an intervention or you finally hit rock bottom, seeking help for your addiction right away is important for your recovery. Drug addiction tends to get worse over time, and finding professional help from our Burbank, California drug abuse treatment facility is the best way to begin rebuilding your physical and emotional health. Since safe detox and identifying the underlying reasons for your addiction are critical for your ability to fully recover, it is important to look for these components that indicate a quality addiction recovery program that offers full support that meets your every need. At BH Mental Health, we have the tools you need for recovery.

Get Through Detox With Professional Help

At our drug detox clinic, you will be provided with professional support during your first days of recovery. While detox symptoms can vary widely depending upon the types and amounts of drugs you use, you should expect to experience a combination of physical and emotional discomfort. Having someone there to provide assistance with easing your physical distress while reassuring you that making it through this first round of treatment is possible greatly enhances your ability to keep your confidence up as you recover.

Identify and Treat Coexisting Mental Health Conditions

Mental health conditions may be identified when you visit our addiction treatment center, and these may prove to be related to your addiction. In some instances, these existed long before your addiction started, and mental issues such as depression could be a contributing factor for substance abuse. It is also possible that your addiction has triggered a mental health condition such as anxiety that will be helped while you work through the process of recovery. Identifying and treating these types of addictions concurrently makes it easier to avoid drugs when you get out of our addiction treatment facility.

Recover In a Safe Comfortable Environment

One reason why people choose to go to drug rehab centers is because they reduce the stress and negative influences that exist at home. When you enter our facility, you know that you are in a safe environment where only the people that you designate as okay are allowed to visit. Spending time in the center also lets you focus solely on your treatment plan without being hindered by worries about work or household obligations.

Develop a Support System That Encourages Honest Communication

Talking to others who have experience with addiction helps you realize that you are not alone. In our addiction recovery facility, you are encouraged to participate in group therapy and recreational sessions where you can feel free to speak honestly about your struggles. Since everyone there understands addiction, there is no need to hide your stories. Instead, connecting with others who are in recovery helps you work together to create strategies that encourage sobriety.

Receive an Individualized Treatment Plan For Each Stage of Recovery

It is important to choose an addiction recovery center that has everything you need already in place to walk you through each stage of ending your addiction. This is because each stage paves the way toward healing. From getting over the physical withdrawals in detox to working through your emotional reasons for abusing drugs in therapy, you will gradually become stronger and more capable of dealing with the issues that surround your addiction. You should also expect your drug rehab facility to support you even after you leave the program by creating an aftercare plan that helps you avoid relapse. This may include things such as attending outpatient therapy sessions along with planning for ways to avoid triggers so that you can enjoy long-term success.

Addiction recovery is a process that begins with making the decision to get clean. While you might have been pressured into making this decision, our substance abuse treatment facility is designed to help you realize how much being sober enhances your health and happiness. As you get ready to take this big step, know that we are here to provide you with support that makes each future step in the process easier to manage so go ahead, and make your move today.



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